Welcome to the “Diary of a Nuclear Tourist” Blog Page!

Suzy Hobbs Baker of the Nuclear Literacy Project will be traveling through Europe from February through March of 2013, touring nuclear sites and reporting on her experiences here and via Twitter and Facebook.

The objectives of the trip include:

  • To offer a first hand view of nuclear facilities in non-technical terms, as a means to demystify nuclear technologies.
  • To learn about different nuclear technologies and waste management frameworks throughout Europe.
  • To understand the ways the energy industry supports weapons nonproliferation, and examine routes for building on those efforts.
  • To give a voice and face to nuclear workers, as well as local citizens and oppositions groups- and to understand their different perspectives.
  • To act as a cultural analyst in understanding how and why nuclear technologies have flourished in some cultures, while being dismissed by others.
  • To look for potential public art sites at nuclear sites.
  • To make new connections and garner support for the Nuclear Literacy Project.

Baker will be based in Munich, Germany traveling to Switzerland, Austria, France and the United Kingdom over the course of two months. She will be documenting and reporting on her experiences via social media.

Confirmed stops include the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany, the International Atomic Energy Agency in Austria and the European Nuclear Society PIME Conference for Nuclear Communicators in Switzerland. Additional site visits are currently being planned in France and Germany. Baker will be giving presentations about the Nuclear Literacy Project’s arts-integrated educational outreach program at several sites.

For more information you can contact Suzy directly at Suzy@nuclearliteracy.org

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