Furniture Exhibition in Cologne: How Trends are Born

Do you ever wonder where trends in furniture come from? For example, why does the latest Scandinavian home decor feature white-washed wood and minimalist interiors? Unfortunately, many people don’t realize that much of what we see on the market today have been developed at exhibitions such as the annual Furniture Fair in Cologne. This event draws together exhibitors from over 50 countries, generating designer visions that may eventually become our everyday reality – if accepted by mass producers. This post will look at how these trends emerge, introducing you to some of the most influential players currently making waves with their creative ideas.

What is the Furniture Fair in Cologne?

The Furniture Fair in Cologne (“Imm Cologne” for short) is an annual event that brings together industry professionals and experts from around the globe to show off their newest designs and creations. From major furniture manufacturers to independent designers, each exhibitor presents a unique vision of what comfort, style, and functionality should look like in our homes. It’s here that we can find out what the latest trends are and what direction they may take us in.

Furniture fair in cologne

At Imm Cologne, exhibitors debut their newest collections, offering the public a sneak peek of upcoming designs. It is also where mass producers come to scout for new ideas and inspiration and place orders for future production. By attending the exhibition, big and small companies can make their mark on the market: if a product is attractive enough and catches on, it can become an international trend.

How can trends in furniture be born?

At each Furniture Fair, exhibitors bring their newest designs and concepts. They will have spent months preparing for this event, ensuring that the pieces they show reflect their vision of a certain trend or style. Specialists in different areas, such as product design, architecture, interior design, and more, are invited to explore these concepts and decide if they want to make them a reality.

If mass producers and designers accept a trend, it can become part of our everyday lives. From here, it can spread quickly as more people learn about it and start looking for ways to incorporate it into their homes. Smaller independent companies may also produce replicas of this trend, making it accessible. Through this process, a trend can be born and start to take on an international life of its own.

how can trends in furniture be born


At the Furniture Fair in Cologne, exhibitors come from worldwide. From Europe’s most renowned furniture manufacturers to independent designers who are just starting, each brings a unique perspective and vision for what comfort, style, and functionality should look like.

It’s these passionate professionals that make up the driving force behind new trends in furniture. Their designs, concepts, and materials can offer us a glimpse into the future of how we will be living in our homes and what kind of pieces we’ll be using to decorate them.


The Furniture Fair in Cologne is an event that brings together industry professionals from all over the world. These exhibitors bring to the event their creative visions for how comfort, style, and functionality should look in our homes – and if accepted by mass producers, these trends can quickly become a part of our everyday lives.

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